Syrian remnants in hidden biddings

Due to the huge destruction occured Syria over the last six years, important questions arise regarding the fate of million tons of war remanant. Most Syrians who have left their homes do not have the option to return and insepct what they have left behind. These remanats are owned by the owner of the property by the law. Howevre, the authorites are awarding contracts to buy these remanats under the table due to their huge financial gain. Although This article affirms the positive aspects of war  remanats recycling socially, economically and environemtally. Yet, it invistigates the hidden aspects of this process within the syrian context. It questions the transparency and accountability of these processes in today Syria, as well as attemtps to recaliberate this process inwhich all citizens are well informed.






31.8 2017

This article was published in on 31/08/2017 

Berlin, Germany. Vienna, Austria.

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