Learn about Syrbanism's objectives, achievements and challenges through this Q&A at Meet our finalist 

Edwar Hanna and Nour Harastani, founders of Syrbanism, discuss the initiative's plan to empower the Syrian people and contribute to Syria's reconstruction process as part of the meet the finalist series for the Mohamed Makiya Prize 2019. 

Syrbanism has been shortlisted by Tamayouz Excellence Award as one of the finalists for the Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture 2019

The award is given to individuals and organisations who have promoted, encouraged, campaigned or influenced (directly or indirectly) the advancement of architecture and the built environment in the Middle East between 2016 and 2019. 

Workshop on Informality at Westminster University

Syrbanism initaive organised a workshop on “informality, reconstruction and policies in Syria’’ in collaboration with IWlab at westminster university in London.

Syrbanism at The 2019 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development:

The Research Director Nour Harastani represtented Syrbanism at The 2019 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development in Sweden.

Syrbanism at the Shattuck Center, Central European University

Syrbansim presented its new video at the Lemkin Reunion, 5th Annual Meeting that took place at the Shattuck Center, School of Public Policy SPP, Central European University CEU in Budapest.  

Syrbanism was featured at the European Parliament

Syrbanism is happy to be featured by Syria Digital Lab at the European Parliament among other Syrian initiatives.

Syrbanism:Summary of activities in 2018

Syrbanism has conducted various initiatives and projects in five main areas in 2018, and the following posts will show what we have achieved so far.


Syrbanism at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung: 'HLP rights in the Middle East’s contemporary conflicts'

Syrbanism’s participation at a two-days workshop as part of a research project ‘’Land and property rights in the Middle East’s contemporary conflicts’’ with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) MENA.


'The Politics of Urban Reconstruction in Syria' a short piece explains the recent urban policies.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit DPU at University College London UCL published an article written by Syrbanism team that focuses on urban policies and recent laws in Syria.

syria from within.png

Chatham House has featured Syrbanism video about Property Law no.10

Chatham House has featured our video about Property Law no.10 on 'Syria from Within' website. Syria from Within explores shifting local dynamics across the country in order to understand what it means for Syria's future.

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Syrbanism interview with Arte TV

Syrbanism team members were interviewed by Arte TV to talk about property law no.10

in the report 'Syrie, une loi pour exproprier les réfugiés' in [Arabic/French].


Beyond Resilience Workshop

Syrbanism’s participation at ‘’Beyond Resilience’’ a three-days workshop at The University

of Exeter - UK, with a group of professionals with different backgrounds.


Tourab: Syria Art Space

Syrbansim had the chance to present its advocacy strategy towards participatory reconstruction processes in Syria at Tourab: Syria Art Space in Brussels under the title; ''Syria; Renewal, Creativity and Resilience''


'Where do we feel home as Syrians?'

Our article on 'Where do we feel home as Syrians'. (in Arabic)


Work in progress Syria: Reconstruction in the midst of destruction

Syrbanism's participation in MiCT event in Berlin has contributed to shed the light on post-conflict reconstruction projects in Syria in general and in Damascus in particular.


'Syrian remnants in hidden biddings'

our article in 'Syrian remnants in hidden biddings' with politics of recycling/reusing rubble in the Syrian ongoing conflict. And how they might affect the identity of Syrian cities (in Arabic)


'Reconstructing the shadow system'

Our article on the reconstruction of #Aleppo, and why public participation is crucially important especially when destroyed neighbourhoods are mostly informal. (in Arabic)


Rethink Aleppo: From Space to place: The city and its homes

Syrbansim was very pleased with its contribution in the #RethinkAleppo event at Pakhuis De Zwijger Amsterdam among such great city lovers from all around the world. Thanks to the great effort from the adorable Umayya, Mari and Michael.


Berlin, Germany. Vienna, Austria.

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