Syrbanism at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung: 'HLP rights in the Middle East’s contemporary conflicts'

Syrbanism’s participation at a two-days workshop as part of a research project ‘’Land and property rights in the Middle East’s contemporary conflicts’’ with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) MENA.

The objective of this project is to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of how the land and property rights systems have been intentionally violated and manipulated in the Middle East’s contemporary conflicts. The project is administered by the FES Regional Project on “Economic Policies for Social Justice” based in Tunis.

As part of this research Syrbanism conducted a survey to explore what properties and types of ownership exist in Syria, and to what extent internally displaced and refugee owners retain their property documents and how these property owners are linked to ‘back home’ and aware of the state of their often damaged and empty properties.

Many thoughtful conversations with a group of professionals from different backgrounds about HLP rights in MENA region have brought on the table with new perspectives.

To read more about the survey click here

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Tunis, Tunis


02.12 2019 

Berlin, Germany. Vienna, Austria.

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