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[Open Call] Human-Centered Urbanism 2022

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التاريخ يوليه 01, 2022


Syrbanism has founded the Young Syrian Urban Network (YSUN) in 2020; a collaborative virtual platform that gathers young Syrian architects and urbanists to discuss, analyze and produce a range of knowledge forms related to sustainable just urbanism. YSUN vision is to become a credible Syrian urban body that is capable to influence urban development policies and impact the current urban recovery for a better human-centered built environment that is well connected to context and inhabitants. 

The first network’s physical meeting is taking place during the fall (late September/October) of 2022. If you are a Syrian urban practitioner, whether residing inside or outside Syria, and interested to become part of this network; contribute to its mission and goals, as well as benefiting from its membership and opportunities, this call is for you. 

The meeting will try to question the shifted role of urbanists and architects when settings change dramatically, more specifically in post conflict settings. Announcing human-centered urbanism as the topic of the meeting, we expect to attract architects and urbanists who promote socially sensitive and sustainable urban development through various community-based and artistical forms, including design, visual arts and different interdisciplinary connections.

You may apply through selecting one idea that you wish to formulate at a certain point into a project. The idea has to be sensitive to current urban development needs within the Syrian context, with clear target group. Selected applicants will be granted initial memberships and be invited to Berlin annual meeting with full financial coverage and logistic support.  

We are looking for individuals between 22-35 years old that have creative ideas on how to mobilize people through community engagement in the following areas:  

  • raising awareness of the value and importance of human-centered approach in post-conflict recovery contexts;
  • adequate spotlighting shortcomings in urban development in Syria and revealing potential of participatory engagement of the public;
  • establishing connections between diaspora, Internally displaced and residents and establishing models for their collaboration;
  • contributing to better understanding of the urban needs of Syrians that would contribute to a sustainable collaborative urban recovery model;
  • exploring short-time solutions related to housing and land rights of Syrians, before resorting to long-term ones.

Deadline of the application: 15.07.2022

Applications with CV are to be sent to the email: hello@syrbanism.com

(Note: All fields in the application form are mandatory. The selection criteria will be based on the novelty and the quality of the project and the transparency in answers with consideration to inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities. Selected applicants will be informed within 4 weeks after the deadline). 

Application Form.Docx

Application Form.Pdf

Young Syrian Urbanists Network