Besides being accountable and negotiable, any urban project should consider building ‘lives’ rather than just ‘houses’.

syrbanism statement



Syrbanism is a Syrian-led intiative was established in 2017 to address the political, social and economic issues of the urban discourses in Syria; and to advocate for a socially just reconstruction  in the Syrian cities.

Syrbanism adopts a mixed approach that is: holistic; participatory; realistic; knowledge-based; and multidisciplinary.


Our theory of change aims to acheive the SDG11 about sustainable cities and communities. Syrbansim believes that by simplifying the technical language of urban policies to become understandable for all non-expert citizens, we can make a contribution to lessening the context of misinformation and anxiety around Syrian urban reconstruction policies and options. Therefore, our intiatives aim to provide information, resources and support to Syrian diaspora, in-country actors and intermediaries; so more informed decisions and action can be taken to maximize social inclusion, respect for human rights and property rights, and together build a more peaceful future for Syria and a more stable situation for the international community.


Syrbanism areas of actions include mainly information; research; policies anaylsis; advocacy support; knowledge sharing & networking; as well as urban alternatives and capacity building provision.

These areas operate in different urban development sectors such as Sustainable Development; Housing Land and Property (HLP); Informality, Participatory Design; Rural/urban Politics; Hiretage; Public space & Placemaking


Providing accurate, accessible and timely information about Syrian urban reconstruction policies.


Supporting the design, production and dissemination of research about Syrian and comparative post-conflict urban development


Producing a range of advocacy resources in response to needs that we identify through our knowledge of the context and our engagement with stakeholders.


Facilitiating knowledgeable discussions, workshops and forums with our partners through a holistic approach to urban design.


Showcasing urban development alternatives, within the context of existing urban legislation in Syria.


Contributing to the production of learning materials and learning opportunities that prevent half-informed communication intermediaries, fake news and false information.


Nour Harastani

Co-founder & Research Director

Nour is an architect and urban researcher specialized in social justice, informality, spatial changes during conflicts. She is DAAD Alumna. She holds a Diploma degree in Architecture from Damascus University and a Master of Science degree in Urban Design from TU-Berlin. Nour works as a senior architect at Carpaneto.Schoeningh architekten in Berlin, an innovative office dealing with new approaches of housing projects. Previously she worked at Damascus University as a research and teaching assistant.

Edwar Hanna

Co-founder & Executive Director

Edwar is an archtiect and urban practitioner specialised in political architecture, urban development, post conflict recovery, and community empowerment. He is a Chevening FCO Alumnus, he holds a Diploma degree in Architecture from Damascus University and a Masters degree in Urban Design and Development, University College London, UK. Edwar is the programme manager of The Communications for Development C4D organisation, a global community of professional working in communication for development C4D, with members in 126 countries. Recently he is leading the delivery of participatory peacebuilding toolkit in more than ten war-torn countries around the world.   


Berlin, Germany. Vienna, Austria.

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